one take: an arts practice interview series [1/5]

new questions. multiple perspectives. different artists. weekly series.

 is an arts practice interview series where our artist community shares their perspectives on one question each month. Through these uncertain times and beyond, we thought we could continue the dialogue online.

Q1. What question do you keep coming back to in your artistic practice?

one take: an arts practice interview series [1/5]

“As a poet, I return constantly to a central, productive and even formative tension between two seemingly opposites desires. On one hand, a delight in enriching the language and the form of the poem with experimental usage, mise-en-page, cut-ups and montage, words retrieved from archives or crafted by the fresh light of today, techniques that might well seem deeply idiosyncratic. And on the other hand, a pleasure in reaching out and engaging readers and listeners in sociable ways, addressing shared urgencies.”

– Ranjit Hoskote
Writer & Poet

“Am I being true to the context in which I am creating my work? Is it rooted in the here and now? For me, I never want to create work which is oblivious and tone deaf to the world in which it exist. This is not an easy thing to do and I am making mistakes, but I try to keep myself in check.”

– Sheena Khalid,
Theatre Director, Actor, Writer

one take: an arts practice interview series [1/5]
one take: an arts practice interview series [1/5]

“What is my artistic expression, choice and reason for my aesthetics, and is my work relevant?”

Tarun Balani
Artist, Drummer, Composer

Oona D’Mello (Visual Artist) speaks about the healthy conversation with oneself about sustainability, longevity and recognition in her artistic practice.

[Hit play to listen to her full response.]

one take: an arts practice interview series [1/5]

“Emotions are one of the main things that bring humanity closer. I always ask if my work is bringing humanity closer? Can people relate to other people’s agony and hope through my photographs? I am in the field covering human stories to stir a debate, hoping to create an impact. Am I being able to showcase my work in this direction? I need to go deeper to convey the unrealized and unreported aspects of social issues.”

– Rohit Jain
Documentary photographer and Activist