one take: an arts practice interview series [2/5]

new questions. multiple perspectives. different artists. weekly series.

 is an arts practice interview series where our artist community shares their perspectives on one question each month. Through these uncertain times and beyond, we thought we could continue the dialogue online.

Q2. What discipline, other than your own, do you draw most from?

one take: an arts practice interview series [2/5]

“I find Literature fascinating. A pen and a sheet of paper are all you need to create an entire world.”

Max Vandervorst
Belgian Composer, maker of musical instruments

“Probably martial arts. It’s something I grew up with and even though I’ve never really been particularly good at it, the parallels with music are way deeper and prevalent than apparent. The challenge and the lesson is the same. Nobody is competition. Both are practises whose highest purposes are to fight our demons. Heal. The only real enemies are the ones hidden in the darker corners of our mind. Knowing I am not helpless makes me a kinder person and more at ease with acting from a place of love and not fear. And while music is always my primary guide, the more explicit physical  expression and challenges of the latter have been a fantastic therapeutic tool for me.”

TL Mazumdar a.k.a. EveryNowHere
Music Producer/Singer-Songwriter

one take: an arts practice interview series [2/5]
one take: an arts practice interview series [2/5]

“Writing helps me sort a lot of my thoughts and start the creative process. Before each House of Sohn collection I do, my design process actually begins with writing down themes I want to explore, the story I want to tell, and how to do that through clothing. I’ve got two sketchbooks — one with drawings and the other filled with words.”

– Sohni Patel

“I think poetry has a large impact on my practice. Words are powerful, they can either bring someone up or make them feel small. Harnessing the words to reveal truth with a visual piece to point to it has always been an integral part of my work.”

– Ashwin Chacko
Storyteller, Illustrator, Designer

one take: an arts practice interview series [2/5]

Sujay Saple (Choreographer & Artistic Director at Shapeshift Collective) shares how contemporary visual arts and contemporary dance have influenced him since a young age. “With visuals it is universal, because if you have eyes, you can see, and if you can see, you can interpret.”

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