PORT Kitchen & Bar

new connections | new ideas | new conversations

When we imagined PORT, we wanted it to be a space where YOU, our guest, would always feel welcome, comfortable, and relaxed. A home away from home, kind of. A friend’s living room maybe. Where the conversation is engaging, the food is delicious, and the drinks are flowing. And most of all lots of warmth. Warmth of the familiar along with the possibility of the new.

So do sit back, browse a magazine or book from our curated collection, grab a cup of coffee or tea, a glass of wine or beer, or one of our classic cocktails and take a break from the wild wild out there.

Welcome to PORT!

We like to keep things simple, but do them really well. Homestyle, mostly cuisine from one region as always, but don’t be surprised if you get a whiff of some different worlds, thrown into the mix.



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Monday 12:00–00:00
Tuesday–Sunday 09:00–00:00

Ground Floor of G5A Foundation for Contemporary Culture