Mumbai is Upgrading – The Exhibition

Curatorial Note

Mumbai is Upgrading: three words that have become ubiquitous across the landscape of the Maximum City. They not only represent mega infrastructure projects but also inherently promise the benefits of development, a perpetual theme through each of the last few centuries.

Today, as Mumbai’s urban identity is in flux, many buildings and forgotten spaces stand to be repurposed. Our urban heritage only features loosely and selectively in the official narrative of development.

Artists Aaran Patel and Jeff Nelson have used photographs of a few of these spaces as base layers for digital artworks that seek to conserve elements of the past and develop a landscape of parallel existence.

Aaran Patel and Jeff Nelson
July 2019

See the artworks in person this weekend!

Morning Stroll | Shakti Mills
Epiphytic Encroachment | Shakti Mills
Concrete Jazz | Shakti Mills
Archaic Trace | Shakti Mills
Another Ruptured Dimension | Shakti Mills
Fortified Future | Mahim Fort
Repeat Pattern | Shakti Mills
Nu-Breed Monument | Mahim Fort
Illusory Optics | Lawrence and Mayo Building DN Road
A Curious Excursion (1) | Sewri
Rearranged and Repurposed | Cotton Green
Learning Curve | Sewri Fort
Adaptive Selection | Sewri
Refurbished Leftovers | Sewri Fort
A Curious Excursion (2) | Sewri
Business Trips | Cotton Green
Stacked Flow | Watson’s Hotel
Lucky Copy Center | Watson’s Hotel
Wasted Watson’s | Watson’s Hotel
Slow Outburst | Watson’s Hotel

The 20 artworks are printed on Hahnemuhle Photo Matt archival paper in limited edition series of 10 each size 12×18.
Each print is priced at ₹ 2,500 + GST.

All rights reserved by Aaran Patel and Jeff Nelson. No part of this publication can be reproduced, transmitted, or stored in a retrieval system in any form or by any means, without permission in writing from the artists.

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