Language Arts
March 10,2018, 17:00
Location : Terrace

A mushaira with readings by prominent Urdu poets Shahid Anjum, Mannan Faraz, AM Turaz, Anu Anwar Shah, Asad Ajmeri, Lata Haya, Nooh Aalam, Altamash Abbas, Faiz Khumar Barabankvi, Tarif Niyazi, Devroop Sharma, and lyricist, composer and singer Ana

Language Arts
November 07,2017, 19:00
Location : PORT

Join us for Poetry Tuesdays - that completed 6 years this year and are now on their 75th readin

New Media Arts
September 26,2017, 18:30
Location : Black box

Here's announcing The Urdu Exhibit by Design Fabric.

Design Fabric is an arts & design publication based in Mumbai where we collaborate with artists and designers to produce stories on various th