We at G5A believe that the arts have the power to ignite change for the better by challenging people to think critically and creatively.
As a non-for-profit organization, to sustain this effort is an uphill battle, but one we’re convinced is worth fighting and your support makes an enormous difference!

There are many ways to get involved and support the arts and the creative community in our city:

  • Give opportunities to young professionals and emerging artists
  • Enable the development of and innovative work, thereby giving new life to Mumbai’s cultural landscape
  • Ensure community participation by making G5A and its programs accessible to all
  • Inspire new and discerning audiences to build a vibrant, equitable and just society

Current fundraiser:

  1. Arts are Resilient Today (A.R.T) Fund

    Arts are Resilient Today (A.R.T) Fund

    As a not-for-profit culture space, it will take us some time before we get back to functioning – not quite as we did before, but functioning all the same. We're hopeful that we all can come together to hold G5A, with all our might and ability to ensure that our positive, collective energy will help G5A make it through and come out even stronger. For this purpose, we have created this fundraiser, which is our way of asking YOU, the larger community, to come forward, support and take ownership and responsibility. The proceeds will go towards presenting the G5A series and our 2020-2021 season where we hope to see many of you! We'd also request you to share this with as many people that you know who would be supportive, to give generously to this fund, so we can keep all the special programming going; both physical and digital
    Rs.960,639.00 donated of Rs.5,000,000.00 goal

gift resources: individual or corporate
Each category will be duly acknowledged, unless you choose to remain anonymous.

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G5A New Ideas Fund

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G5A Annual Fund

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in case you have any other donation related questions or would like to talk to a member of our development team, please write to us