Arts are Resilient Today (A.R.T) Fund

As a not-for-profit culture space, it will take us some time before we get back to functioning – not quite as we did before, but functioning all the same. We're hopeful that we all can come together to hold G5A, with all our might and ability to ensure that our positive, collective energy will help G5A make it through and come out even stronger. For this purpose, we have created this fundraiser, which is our way of asking YOU, the larger community, to come forward, support and take ownership and responsibility. The proceeds will go towards presenting the G5A series and our 2020-2021 season where we hope to see many of you! We'd also request you to share this with as many people that you know who would be supportive, to give generously to this fund, so we can keep all the special programming going; both physical and digital
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[Donations made by Indian residents are eligible for Section 80G tax benefits. And for foreign nationals, we are FCRA Compliant.]
Indians who hold an Indian passport and domestic bank account can click on donate to support the A.R.T. Fund.
Foreign nationals who hold an international passport and international or domestic bank account can wire transfer to our bank account. Please email Mihika Miranda for details.

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