G5A Foundation for Contemporary Culture is a not-for-profit organization that encourages contemporary art and culture that is experimental and courageous, good governance that is inclusive and participatory, and ecosystems that are equitable and resilient.


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At G5A, we believe that art and culture have the power to catalyze change for the better – by challenging people to think critically, creatively, and courageously.


Through a series of diverse programs and projects we are committed to nurturing a vibrant, safe, and inclusive platform that encourages the creative and just – in thought and expression.

In doing so, our endeavor is to enrich people’s lives, rebuild resilient and responsible communities, and strengthen the cultural fabric of our community and city.


The G5A Foundation for Contemporary Culture was envisioned and founded by Anuradha Parikh, an architect and filmmaker based in Mumbai.

Her wide-ranging independent and collaborative projects and her commitment towards creating deeper socio cultural dialogues, have organically led to the formation of G5A, a multi-functional community space and cultural center in Central Mumbai.


A culturally vibrant society
that enables dignity for all
in a city that works


To nurture creativity, excellence and resilience
with a focus on cultural practitioners and the younger population of the city

To give voice to cultural expression of the *marginalized
*socially and economically disadvantaged or non-mainstream cultural practitioners.

To build a model for a creative and livable city, through participatory neighborhood intervention
with local agencies and communities


Founding Board (Honorary)

Dr. Jagdish Parikh, Chairman
Anuradha Parikh, Founder and Artistic Director
Ishan Benegal, Associate Artistic Director


Anuradha Parikh, Founder + Artistic Director (Honorary)

Ishan Benegal, Associate Artistic Director

Shalaka Redkar, Coordinator – Programs

Sukriti Sharma, Coordinator – Digital and Community Projects


Anuradha Parikh, Founder + Artistic Director (Honorary)

Rajashree Menon, Head – Development and G5A cityLAB

Priyanka Patel, Manager – G5A cityLAB programs

Ashok Shinde, Assistant Manager – Projects


Abhinav Baijal, Manager, Facility

Sanit Hegishte, Assistant Manager, Facility

David Pinto, Technician, Sound

Ankit Chandok, Technician, Sound

Sopan Borkar, Technical Supervisor

Rohit Kavankar

Nitesh Ambekar, Electrician, Facility

Sachin Gije, Electrician, Facility

Design & Communications

Anuradha Parikh, Founder + Artistic Director (Honorary)

Nimita Sheth, Group Head – Design and Special Projects

Akshay Gawandalkar, Senior Graphic Designer

Sanket Sevekar, Graphic Designer


Rajashree Menon, Head – Development & G5A cityLAB

Rohit Gadkari, Senior Manager – Development

Shraddha Shrivastava, Manager – Development


Prasad Paradkar, Assistant Manager – Finance & Accounts

Yogesh Rewale, Senior Accountant

Admin & Legal

Nimita Sheth, Head, HR and Administration

Francis Machado, Manager, HR and Administration


Aakash Pawar, Janitor

Nilesh Kamble, Janitor

Vishwas Shinde, Janitor


Sanjog Lad, Security Supervisor

Devendra Salaskar, Security Guard

Amar Chavan, Security Guard

Harshal Sonawane, Security Guard

Sanjay Parab, Security Guard

Vijay Shinde, Security Guard

Suresh Chavan, Security Guard

Port (Kitchen & Bar)

Ishan Benegal, Operator

Vijay Walunj, Executive Chef

Ninad Koli, Assistant Manager

Yashpal Khanna, Assistant Manager


Shankar Margale  Bartender

Fanindranath Bhujbal  Bartender

Kusum Yadav Captain

Karan Gaineman Waiter

Sufiyan Balbale Waiter


Ravi Tirlotkar CDP

Akhil Shaikh Commis II

Ajinkya Pawar Commis III

Akshay Salve Commis III

Eknath Dhumak Commis III

Mohammed Dilshad Alam Commis III



Javed Akhtar
Atul Dodiya
Ranjit Hoskote
Zakir Hussain
Yo-Yo Ma

Nandan Maluste
Mira Nair
Michael Tobin


Shabana Azmi
Jonathan Bannister
Indira Chandrasekhar
Nandita Das
Edith Khorakiwala
Sunil Nayak
Kiran Rao