Curated by: The Blind and the Elephant

The Blind and the Elephant presents RIPPLES


Writers: Harsh Desai & Gerish Khemani

Director: Gerish Khemani
Cast: Amol Kulkarni, Barkha Fatnani, Chirag Lobo,  Gerish Khemani, Sagar Gholap, Vaishnavi RP,  Varun Vazir 

Duration: 110 minutes (with a 10min interval)


Language: English with some Marathi


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Abhijit wakes up one morning, realises his corporate life is mechanised and driven by futile essentials.  And he impulsively decides to shift base from Mumbai to a small town in Maharashtra to be a high school English teacher to redeem himself. What awaits him there is a 'typical' school and the wonderfully diverse students he encounters! Through engaging and practical methods of teaching, he provokes the students to delve deeper within themselves while encountering his own past demons in the process. The play is about those little interventions in the classroom and the little ripples that get created within the students, which can often become part of the student's skins for a lifetime.

Ripples is a play that has been partly written and partly devised (which means it got created in the collaborative spirit on the floors typical to the play itself)  and so is an interesting intersection of scripted and devised theatre. It aims to ask very timely questions on teaching and learning and delves deeply into the imaginative consciousness of the students and the teacher.  


Age limit: 13 and above


About Ripples

 A year and a half ago we embarked on an interesting journey which culminated in an engaging piece of theatre called Ripples. Triggered by the pre-independence Indian educator Gijubhai Badheka's classic on education, Divasvapna (written in the 1920's) we embarked to create our contemporary Divasvapna. Reading it after 100 years, we sadly found it relevant, even sadly radical for the times we live in. That learning can be fun. That it can be activity centered and involve the whole body and being of the student and just the intellect. That students too and their experiences are legitimate sources of knowledge. That teachers are catalysts that tap into those reserves. Don't always know the answers. They can be vulnerable too. Where doubts don't just plague students but teachers too are liberated by doubt and self-examination. Where both the students and teachers are together on this journey of self-discovery, mutually shaping and re-shaping each other. And perhaps that's what the classroom space ends up being. A laboratory, where things are tried and tested. Where textbooks and blackboards give form and expression to students' experiences and aspirations. Where teaching is not just a profession but something that gives purpose to someone's life. Else they would be lost in this strange, cruel universe. Where classroom and the world outside converge, not always with predictable and happy consequences. Where life and literature meet and collide. Where changes are not grand but happen in small, imperceptible ways. Maybe it comes to students much later in their lives, through epiphanies in the middle of a street or when they are staring into nothingness on a quite, sunny day.  Maybe well after the teacher herself has given up on any such hope. Doubts, churning, disagreements, provocations, love, joy, hope, despair, memories, evasions, celebrations, messy that's how it is, isn't it...this process of learning...such an influential aspect of our growing up. Why do mainstream movies, certainly inspiring in their own ways, present the idea of one major being who descends as it were from above and changes everyone's lives? Is that how it happens? Or it something far more modest, less glamorous, maybe less tangible...


It was with these questions in mind that our search for a contemporary Divasvapna began. The premise is the same... 


The Black Box

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