Sonbhadra comes to Mumbai
Curated by: CJP,AIUFWP & G5A
Community Voices

CJP and AIUFWP in association with G5A invite you to Sonbhadra comes to Mumbai
For centuries, India’s Adivasis and forest dwellers have nurtured forests and protected the environment. But these forest working people (FWP) have had to fight an unequal battle, first against colonists and then against a powerful lobby of crony capitalists and corrupt bureaucrats, for their rightful claims to forests, land and water.
Today, many of them face an imminent threat of eviction from the very lands they made fertile and cultivable. The Forest Rights Act, FRA (2006) which allows them the claim over their land, is also being watered down. The latest setback is from a Supreme Court order of February 13, 2019 that turns settled jurisprudence on its head! Though the SC has stayed this order for now, it is important to address the underlying issue... one of justice for India's Adivasis and forest dwelling communities.
Forest working people from Sonbhadra, UP are coming down to Mumbai. Come, hear their stories, their challenges. Get a glimpse into their vibrant culture through folk songs and more! Find out how you can help.
Speakers include Adivasi women and forest rights activists who were thrown in jail, just for staking claim to what is rightfully theirs by law... their Jal-Jungle-Zameen.

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