Q for Curiosity: Pillars and Pride
Curated by: PORT & Yooti Bhansali

PORT presents Q for Curiosity – a themed monthly quiz every third Saturday of the month for curious folk. The next edition on Pillars and Pride will explore fundamentals of representation and standing tall in the world today. No previous knowledge or expertise required, bring your own curiosity.


Passes available on BookMyShow at https://in.bookmyshow.com/special/q-for-curiosity-pillars-and-pride/ET00093752


The quiz will be conducted by Yooti Bhansali – writer, editor, ex - content developer and quizmaker.


*Donor Pass includes a cover of INR 200 reimbursable at PORT against F&B from the menu during the quiz program only.*


*Winners get 2 complimentary passes worth INR 1,600 each for Sunday PORT Brunch + one full pint of Bombay Duck Brewing's Prohibition Amber Ale.*


Q for Curiosity, in its simplest form, is an attempt to encourage the connecting of dots. While traditional quizzing culture focuses on ‘it’s what you know,’ Q for Curiosity emphasises on ‘working it out’ instead. It’s more about cultivating interest than it is about trivia; the fact that you learn cool things along the way is just an added bonus.

About the artist

About the Quiz Master

Yooti Bhansali is a creative writer, editor and general do-it-all, who rediscovered her fondness for quizzing when she was marketing quizzes at her former workplace. A self-confessed ‘cool-facts’ junkie, she now runs a local hobby club and generally uses trivia to deflect awkward situations and lulls in conversation. Sadly it doesn't always work.


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