The Park's New Festival: To See or Not to See
Curated by: The Prakriti Foundation,The Park Hotel,Centrum Group & G5A

To See or Not to See 

An art talk by Ana Lamata 

On art as a way of seeing the invisible in the visible. And how the discovery of X-rays led to understanding reality in a deeper and more complex manner. 

Entry free and open to all. R.S.V.P - Trupti - (+91) 77100 98858 

About the artist

Ana Lamata, Ph.D. in Contemporary Art History, has largely focussed her research on the resonances between art and science.
To See or Not to See is a reflection on how, at the beginning of the 20
th century, the discovery of X-rays changed the way the world was perceived and the notion of reality itself. Today, when new technologies are challenging again our conceptions of reality, art can play a vital role in decoding these discoveries, questioning conventions and just helping us see.