Q for Curiosity
Curated by: PORT & Yooti Bhansali

You’re halfway through your third pint and a delectable slice of pizza – one of the many specialties of the home-style food served at PORT, watching scraps of paper being passed back and forth across the community table. You’re surrounded by brilliant, curious minds – faces contorted in concentration, scribbling their theories, exchanging their thoughts in conspiratorial whispers. And you spend your evening discovering new ideas and new conversations!

PORT presents Q for Curiosity – a bi-monthly quiz on the first and third Saturday of every month for the super curious individual. 

The quiz will conducted by Yooti Bhansali – writer, editor, ex - content developer and quiz conductor.

Quizzing is a format that entertains, piques curiosity and encourages active participation. With this series, we wish to build a community of curious and intellectual individuals, providing a space for an exchange of thoughts and ideas, and encourage debate and dialogue.

Through this interactive format of quizzing across a wide spectrum of topics, we hope to encourage further exploration and propel participants into a journey of discovery and exploration.


Our first session is on August 18, 2018, 5 PM onward

The topic is “Toys & Typography”

Passes available soon on BookMyShow

About the artist

Yooti Bhansali is a creative writer, editor and general do-it-all, who rediscovered her fondness for quizzing when she was marketing quizzes at her former workplace. A self-confessed quiz junkie, she now runs a local hobby club and generally uses trivia to deflect awkward situations and lulls in conversation. It doesn't always work.