Classic Japanese Origami
Curated by: Papernautic and PORT

Why did samurai warriors fold paper? Did you know that newlyweds in ancient Japan were often gifted paper butterflies? How did the paper crane become a symbol of peace?

Welcome to the fascinating world of paper folding, which you'll be introduced to through this instructive and immersive workshop on the techniques and stories of classic Japanese Origami. This 2-hour workshop will cover a selection of historic models, their significance in Japanese culture and the basic folding techniques they established in the modern craft of paper folding.

A materials pack, including origami paper and take-home activity kit will be provided

The workshop will cover these topics:

• Ceremonial paper folding and sacred wands.
• Letter folds and the gifts exchanged by the Samurai.
• His and Hers butterflies for your wedding wine. Introducing the waterbomb base.
• Simple boats, hats and child's play.
• Flower boxes and introducing the square base.
• The traditional origami crane. Introducing the bird base.
• The frog base and the frog.
• Taking the frog base further with the traditional origami iris.

Who can join?
Age Group: 14 and above.
Technical Skills required: Cutting and folding paper.

About the artist

About Papernautic:
Papernautic is a creative studio born from the idea of making paper craft more approachable and engaging, and helping it break out of the moulds it sometimes gets trapped into. Through Papernautic, Samir aims to weave story, history and context into every creation and instruction and to take the love of paper craft to new minds and fingers.

Samir Bharadwaj has been an independent designer and visual artist for 2 decades. He was taught how to make his first origami crane when he was 3 years old, and no one's been able to get him to stop since.

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Admission: INR 1500.00 per person