The Urdu Exhibit
Curated by: Design Fabric
New Media Arts

Here's announcing The Urdu Exhibit by Design Fabric.

Design Fabric is an arts & design publication based in Mumbai where we collaborate with artists and designers to produce stories on various themes. It was launched in February with the opening theme of 'GIFs'. Their second issue was based on 'IMAGE' and they are now releasing their third issue based on ‘URDU’.


This month, they delve deep into the origins and history of the language, the artists who’re painstakingly trying to keep it alive, the different representations of it and largely at how it’s a vehicle of peace.


From viewing the visions of different photographers and their representation of the timeless Urdu poem ‘Before You Came’ by Faiz Ahmed Faiz to stepping into the future and exploring what the Urdu script will be in 2050 and from witnessing a mural conversation project between two artists – Zeenat Kulavoor in Mumbai and Sanki King in Karachi – that brings communities together to a short film on the talented Urdu calligraphers in Tonk, Rajasthan, it’s going to be an audio-visual journey like never before. Accompanying the artworks will be an Urdu Poetry performance and a surprise VR-Calligraphy installation at the exhibit. 


6:30pm | Gates open
?7:00pm | Exhibit begins
8:30pm | Urdu Poetry by Mohammed Sadriwala
9:00pm | Urdu Poetry by Hussain Haidry?
10:00pm | Exhibit ends??


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About the artist

Jatin Kampani | Aashim Tyagi | Farhan Hussain | Zeenat Kulavoor | Sanki King | Furqan Jawed | Mohammad Aazad | Nasheet Shadani | Qamar Dagar | Yusuf Zamani | Aishwaraya Arumbakkam | Aman Makkar | Aun Raza | Prashant Godbole | Ritesh Uttamchandani | Anis Siddiqui | Khursheed Rehman | Amir Waseem Ahmad & Urdu Poetry performance and a surprise VR-Calligraphy installation at the exhibit

The Black Box

  • We request you to bring warm clothes as it gets chilly inside the Black Box as temperatures need to be controlled at optimum levels as per technical requirements
  • Food, beverages and water are strictly prohibited inside the Black Box. Please do not carry them in your bags either
  • Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Please do come at least 15 minutes prior to the show and enjoy a good cup of coffee at PORT
  • No Late Entries will be allowed
  • Latecomers can only be allowed in at intermission or at an appropriate pause in the program and as per the instructions of the organizers



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