Haroof: An Evening of Saaz-O-Mausiqui
Curated by: ALSO & G5A

Haroof, a monthly series of curated evenings, a revival of the Baithak tradition, seeks to create a community of discerning music lovers that celebrate saaz-o-mausiqui. Haroof in Urdu stands for 'alphabet' which are strung together to make a verse, which in turn, form a bandish or a ghazal. 



As first-borns are, Haroof has been conceived with lilt and melody, and most significantly, a singular desire to propel and promote artists with different styles of gayaki and genres in the Hindustani vocal tradition.


The evenings originate from the motivation to make Hindustani classical music a universal, unforgettable experience and to create a blueprint for artists and audiences around the world to appreciate, promote and become one with the magnificence of music. A desire to celebrate tameez and tehzeeb that is reminiscent of the era of high culture gone by. 



Please note: Student passes are available against a valid Student ID card and for people under 25 years of age only. If the valid Student ID card is not presented, the donor pass will be held invalid

About the artist

The artists who will feature in this series, will span genres across sufi kalam, ghazal, geet, ragas to jazz fusion, Bengali and Punjabi folk music. The first of this series is an ode to monsoon. It features popular vocalist and a renowned exponent of the Sufi form of vocals, Radhika Sood Nayak, accompanied by tabla, guitar, and a flute.


The Black Box

  • We request you to bring warm clothes as it gets chilly inside the Black Box as temperatures need to be controlled at optimum levels as per technical requirements
  • Food, beverages and water are strictly prohibited inside the Black Box. Please do not carry them in your bags either
  • Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Please do come at least 15 minutes prior to the show and enjoy a good cup of coffee at PORT
  • No Late Entries will be allowed
  • Latecomers can only be allowed in at intermission or at an appropriate pause in the program and as per the instructions of the organizers





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