Vinyl Sundays #04
Curated by: PORT

PORT at the G5A Foundation for Contemporary Culture invites you to Vinyl Sundays. 

We have always been a place for new connections, new ideas, new conversations and most importantly a space for community.
We believe FOOD is a vital connector and the Arts another - both bring about varied and passionate discussions and exchanges. Music is one such art form that is extremely integral to our community. 

For the longest time, music was enjoyed through physical records. This changed completely when digital records took over. But with interest in vinyl making a comeback around the world, the tables are turning. 

To bring this resurgence to India, PORT brings you Vinyl Sundays – dedicated listening sessions open to anyone with a vinyl or even a mild curiosity for this sound. 

So join us every first Sunday at PORT to listen to our curated set of music from around the world on vinyl. Bring your own vinyl to play or exchange records with other enthusiasts, or if you’re uninitiated, then come discover what’s so enriching about owning, playing and listening to music on vinyl. 

Entry: Free and open to all

RSVP to with the subject line saying RSVP - Vinyl Sundays, along with your names and the records you're bringing (if any).