LIVE at PORT Music #03
Curated by: PORT

LIVE at PORT connects like-minded communities and gives a platform to the upcoming, alternate, and stimulating. 

Music, just like good food and coffee, is integral to us and helps bring together like-minded communities. Presenting a fresh line up of young musicians from around the city, in 12 monthly sessions of LIVE at PORT. 

Join us every second Friday to experience voices that are new and experimental!

About the artist

Blake D'silva

At 22, the young Mumbai-based singer-songwriter, Blake D’Silva, is the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist for the three (sometimes four)-piece funk/blues/pop band Moister than an Oyster.
His music draws influence from styles such as blues, funk, soul, jazz, rock, and pop-fusion.

Previously signed by Sony Music India, he is now an independent artist, doing various arrangements across the city with local artists and bands, playing original music as well as covers of songs by artists such as The Weeknd, John Mayer, Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, and Bruno Mars, among others.

He has also performed at Blue Frog, Out of the Blue, Tuning Fork,
BandCamp, The Sassy Spoon, and at festivals such as Nariyal Paani and more.

Blake is currently preparing for the launch of his debut EP.

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Admission: INR 200.00 per person