LIVE at PORT Music #02
Curated by: PORT

PORT at the G5A Foundation for Contemporary Culture invites you to LIVE at PORT Music #02.

About the program:


PORT has always been a place for new connections, new ideas, new conversations and most importantly a space for community.


We believe FOOD is a vital connector - it helps bring about varied and passionate discussions and exchanges. The ARTS are another.


LIVE at PORT connects like-minded communities and gives a platform to the new, alternate, and stimulating. From music to stories, poetry and more, discover something new every month at PORT.


LIVE at PORT Music #02


Music, just like good food and coffee, is integral to us. We bring to you a fresh line up of young musicians from around the city, in 12 monthly sessions of LIVE at PORT.


Join us every second Friday to experience voices that are new and experimental!


Our second session of LIVE at PORT Music features Ralcus Aguiar. Opening act will be announced soon.


Entry: Rs. 200/-


Tickets Available on BookMyShow


About the artist

Ralcus Aguiar


Ralcus, a guitarist and vocalist, plays for 'Rang', a Hindi Rock band and 'The Tripp', a Blues Rock band. He has played at numerous venues such as Blue Frog, Hard Rock Cafe in Mumbai, High Spirits in Pune and The Moon and Six Pence in Chennai. He has also been featured on VH1 Music Diaries.


After playing with several bands and teaching for many years, Ralcus finally decided to start off a solo project which covers various blues and alternative artists like John Mayer, Jimi Hendrix, Porcupine Tree and many more. He also has several originals under his belt about various topics like teenage heartbreak and theories of the world around us. He has recently released an EP called Superhuman which is available for download on iTunes and OKListen.