The Asin Khan Ensemble in Concert
Curated by: G5A Foundation for Contemporary Culture

The tapestry of traditional folk music in India is large, rich and varied. It is rustic, robust and rooted - a true depiction of our land, our soil!

In keeping with the commitment to nurture creativity, livability and diversity in Mumbai - a city of migrants from all across India, G5A seeks to create a viable ecosystem of urban audiences and patrons that encourages and invigorates these rich artistic folk traditions.


G5A Foundation for Contemporary Culture introduces Sounds of the Soil, a dedicated folk music series opening with the premiere of The Asin Khan Ensemble in Concert

Rajasthani Folk | Vocal and Instrumental

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Rajasthani vocalist par excellence and master of the Sindhi Sarangi, virtuoso Asin Khan Langa is considered to be a master among the next generation of artists to continue the unique musical legacy of the Langa community.

Combining a rare musical artistry with a vast and remarkable repertoire, Asin and the ensemble bring to Mumbai audiences a many-textured evening - from the dusty ‘blues’ of the desert region with magical songs of love and loss, a taste of traditional celebratory music played at weddings in rural Rajasthan and soulful, transcendent spiritual and Sufi poetry in the words of Kabir, Mira Bai and Shah Latif.

Two remarkable percussionists Saddik Langa and Bhungar Manganiyar complete the ensemble accompanying Asin on the dholak and the khartal respectively, bringing some incredible rhythm patterns to this young ensemble’s musical arrangements.

Though new to Mumbai, Asin and the members of his ensemble have been performing and collaborating for years. They are also part of two recent international collaborations Maru Tarang and the Brian Molley Rajasthan Project, having performed at Celtic Connections (Scotland); WOMEX Showcase (Spain); Woodford Folk Festival, Sydney Festival, Perth Festival, Paramasala, Nightjar Festival, Port Ferry Folk Festival (all in Australia); and at the Jodhpur RIFF in India.


About the Langa community:

Hailing from the district of Barmer deep in the deserts of western Rajasthan, the Langa are genealogists, songwriters, storytellers and musicians. From lilting melodies resonant of swaying camels to Sufi poetry set to uplifting tunes, epic ballads of love and loss to exuberant rhythms for weddings and celebrations – the Langa have a vast and remarkable repertoire dating back a few centuries.

About the artist

Asin Khan Langa (Sarangi and vocals)

Rajasthan, India

Asin Langa is arguably the most proficient young master musician among the Sarangiya Langa community, hailing from the deserts of western Rajasthan. A male vocalist par excellence and a master Sarangi player, his vast repertoire includes folk and Sufi poetry sung to traditional and improvised/ composed arrangements. His vocals, deeply rooted in desert traditions, include the recitation of praise poetry and genealogy of his patrons.

Asin (29 years old) specializes in playing the Sarangi (Sindhi Sarangi or folk Sarangi), a traditional instrument played only by this community and one considered to be the only string instrument having a sound quality that comes closest to the human voice. He was only 10 years old when his father gave him the Sarangi and at the age of 11, he started playing with his father at weddings and a variety of other occasions at their patrons’ residences. In 1982 he participated for the first time in a children’s program at the Rupayan Sansthan, Borunda. Since then, he has participated in many national as well as international festivals; in Jaipur, Jodhpur, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bengaluru in India. He has also performed with the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) on tours in Russia, the USA, France, Germany, Norway, Spain, China, Canada, UK and Italy.

He has been invited to perform alongside legendary artists such as L. Subramanium, Kavita Krishnamurthy and A.R. Rahman. He is also a highly sought after musician on All India Radio.

In addition to his solo work, he is currently touring with two collaborations, one with the Brian Molley Quartet (Glasgow) and Maru Tarang, his collaboration with Australian singer/ songwriter and blues guitarist Jeff Lang.

With Maru Tarang, he has played at Celtic Connections in 2014, been part of the showcase at WOMEX 2014 in Spain, headlined at MOSHITO, Johannesburg in 2015 and been on three Australian tours from 2014-15-16.

He is the Indian vocalist on all the tracks on the ‘Blue City’ album - in particular, hear "Laal Vardi", "Ali Maula" and “Panihari”


Bhugra (Bhungar) Khan Manganiyar (Khartal)

Rajasthan, India

Bhungar Khan is from Taloon ka Gaon village in the Barmer District of Rajasthan (population 485). Bhungar plays the Khartal: castanet-like percussive instruments made of Shesham wood, that produce a staccato rhythm by clicking two flat hardwood blocks together in each hand.

Bhungar plays with an energy and intensity that is exciting and catches the imagination of audiences everywhere. His piercing blue eyes and the intricate and precise manipulation of his instrument can inject energy into a performance even after hours of playing.

Starting at an early age, he has over 15 years of Khartal performances behind him. He is acknowledged as a young, hot artist on the folk scene and has been invited by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) to play at concerts abroad, on numerous occasions.

These include live performances in Norway, Russia, Uzbekistan, Sri Lanka and Germany. He has also enthralled audiences as a part of the group Dharohar in Jaipur (2008, 2010), Delhi (2008), Lucknow and Mumbai (2010) and at Jodhpur RIFF at the Rajasthan International Folk Festival (2009, 2011).

He has been invited to perform alongside artists such as

Smt. Aruna Sairam, Shankar Mahadevan and Shujat also a leading recording artist with All India Radio.

He has been Asin’s regular accompanist since 2011 and Tarang and the collaboration with the Brian Molley Quartet.


Saddik Khan Langa (Dholak)

Rajasthan, India

Saddik is a highly talented percussionist and has been playing extensively with a variety of senior Rajasthani folk musicians for years. Slated to quickly emerge as the young master on this instrument, Saddik is the core member of the collaboration with the Brian Molley Quartet.



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