The Park’s New Festival | Shashank meets Lelo Nika Trio
Curated by: Prakriti Foundation

Prakriti Foundation presents the 10th edition of The Park’s New Festival 2016 - Shashank meets Lelo Nika Trio

Four musical riders from four different countries who won’t let any boundaries hinder them. In this band, Romanian folklore blends easily with North Scandinavian folklore. Lelo and Shashank’s interplay makes a blend never heard before. Romanian harmony with South Indian melodies. Swedish folklore with a touch of European Jazz Rhythms bound together with Eastern European and Indian style of improvisations. This is a new breaking sound, never heard before on the music scene.

On the band, there is the Romanian Cimbalom, Swedish Bass, Serbian Accordion, Indian Bamboo Flute, Tabla and the Khanjira. The whole concert leaves the impression of musical togetherness full of improvisation on its highest level.


About the Musicians:

Maestro Shashank Subramanyam, a Grammy-nominated exponent of the Flute, began performing for the general public at the age of six in 1984.  Trained by father Subramanyam and vocal maestros R.K. Srikantan and Palghat K.V. Narayanaswami, he is presently considered one of the best Bamboo Flute artists and is hailed so by the Indian and international media alike.


Lelo Nika Trio was formed in the late 90's. The trio has been touring frequently around Europe since then, with the great response because of the “here and now feeling” they can produce together. A unique constellation with three personalities from three different cultures and backgrounds. They have one goal in common: friendship, good music and how to build bridges in music cultures.


The event is not ticketed and the entry is through invites only. 
To RSVP, please write to us at or call +91 88792 08475.


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