Poetry Tuesday 75 - The Best and the New!
Language Arts

Join us for Poetry Tuesdays - that completed 6 years this year and are now on their 75th reading night this November!

When they started at a CCD in 2011, they had no idea they would come this far. And not this far in terms of time, nor this far in terms of how many people they have been able to reach, or the number of people they have gotten to Thane over the years! They think they have come a long way in building a family that they are very very proud of.

On the 7th of November, the 75th PT, they are commemorating this family. This evening is going to be a mix of the best of PT regulars and some new people who have never performed at PT!

(This event is an exception and it is not an Open Mic.)

25 performers take the very multilingual stage in a semi-curated lineup. Join to be part of the celebrations as audience, as supporters, as part of the PT family.

Poetry Tuesdays happen on the first Tuesday of each month and have been happening since June 2011.


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