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Mumbai You Be the Judge!

At The World’s First Global Film Festival

An evening of good International Cinema with the screening of 10 global finalists, a lively discussion on short films with the jury, acclaimed filmmakers Sudhir Mishra and Nagesh Kukunoor, along with the screening of the top 3 winning films from India.

The 7th Season of M anhattan Short India is brought to you by Pocket Films - India’s leading distributor of short films and alternate content. Pocket Films distributes over 6,000 videos generating 1 million views daily on YouTube.  

The top 10 MANHATTAN SHORT finalists hail from eight countries, with France and Australia represented by two films each. These Final 10 short films represent the best among a record 844 submissions from 52 countries received by Manhattan Short for 2016. Manhattan Short Film Festival brings together the Best of Indian and International Cinema across genres. Whether it’s a film from the Masters of cinema or from the debut directors, the Festival presents everything on a single platter.

The top 3 winning short films of the Vote for India Initiative by Pocket Films for Manhattan Short India will be awarded by the esteemed jury members, post screening.


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About the Films:

The Tunnel

Director: Andre Ovredal

Country: Norway

Run time: 12:35 min

Synopsis: An overcrowded future. A terrible solution. A family stuck in traffic jam. In an overpopulated future, a family travels home from the beach in heavy traffic; between them and the gigantic city in which they live, is a tunnel with a horrifying purpose.



Director: Evelina Barsegian

Country: Russia

Run time: 18:25 min

Synopsis: Andrey is paid to rouse theater audiences from their seats, a job that turns him into a cynic until he meets a woman whose appreciation of the stage brings her to tears.



Director: Volker Schlecht & Alexander Lahl

Country: Germany

Run time: 7:00

Synopsis: An animated documentary about Hoheneck, the main prison for women in former East Ger-many.


Ella Gets a Promotion

Director: Richard Diaz & Mike Pusateri

Country: USA

Run time: 9:00 min

Synopsis: Ella, a talented and loyal employee, finally gets the promotion she deserves. Or does she? A humorous look at duplicitous behavior in today's corporate America.


Hold On

Director: Charlotte Scott-Wilson

Country: Netherlands

Run time: 20:00 mins

Synopsis: A young, talented cellist suddenly develops stage fright after one of her cello strings breaks during an important performance.



Director: Craig D. Foster

Country: Australia

Run time: 9:00 min

Synopsis: It's getting late on a Friday night and Ralph is keen to get out of the office, but the boss won't let him. No big deal, right? It's just that the full moon is rising and Ralph is a werewolf.



Director: Kal Weber

Country: England

Run time: 6:00 mins

Synopsis: A man doles out a torrent of accumulated wisdom to a teen with unexpected results.



Director: Tibo Pinsard

Country: France

Run time: 14:05 min

Synopsis: Hollywood, 1952. Henry Corso performs as a costumed gorilla on horror movies and adven-ture movies. For Jungle Jenna, he must terrorize the leading actress lost in a fake jungle. But scaring the woman he desires is going to be particularly tricky for the gorilla man.


I am a Pencil

Director: Joe D’Arcy

Country: Australia

Run time: 5:40 min

Synopsis: Freedom of expression is the star of this animated film inspired by those who marched in pro-test on January 11th, 2015 after the Charlie Hebdo massacre in France.


The Last Journey of the Enigmatic Paul W.R

Director: Romain Quirot Country: France Run time: 12:35 min

Synopsis: Mankind's only hope of salvation rests upon the shoulders of the enigmatic Paul WR, the most talented astronaut of his generation. Mysteriously, a few hours before the mission launch, Paul has dis-appeared.


Top 3 India Films 


Director: Devashish Makhija

Country: India

Run time: 11:09 mins

Synopsis: Head constable Tambe isn't having the best of days. His wife slams doors in his face. His little daughter won't speak to him. His only friends, havaldaars Sawant and Shilwant, feel cheated by him. And to make matters worse, he's been given nightlong Ganpati visarjan bandobast duty. The lights are blinding. The drums are deafening. Explosions. Clanging. Flashing. Thrashing. His senses are being attacked from every which way. Every screaming face seems to be mocking him tonight. His blood... slowly... rises... to a... boil... Until he snaps, plunges into the crowd, pulls his gun out, and as jaws drop around him and he unleashes a TAANDAV!



Director: Devashish Makhija

Country: India Run time: 06:58

Synopsis: Today, the slum-dwellers have managed to stall the illegal demolition of their shanties. Tomorrow, they must take their non-violent fight for justice to the high court. Tonight, someone is making sure that never happens, one deathly scream at a time.


Broken Image

Director: Arvind V.K.

Country: India

Run time: 17:17 mins

Synopsis: When in front of a tragedy, would you rather film it or prevent the tragedy from happening? There is a thin fine line that separates basic humanity and a material value for certain people. This line is blurred and unclear to many. A photographer is placed in a moral choice between stopping a tragedy or rather shooting it, at those certain moments certain moral values seem to become blurred when in need for a material raises as a greater priority.

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