A Learning Architecture | Exhibition
Curated by: Nicola Antaki

A Learning Architecture 

A Project by Nicola Antaki


The Exhibition

‘A Learning Architecture’ is co-design project that has been taking place with Muktangan School since 2012. This exhibition and seminar hosted by G5A Foundation for Contemporary Culture is the culmination of a doctoral design research project by Nicola Antaki, an architect from the UK and a PhD candidate from UCL (School of Architecture and Development Planning Unit). The exhibition demonstrates visually and publically how learning and co-design can interplay to (re)create cities, and how children can be further involved in the production of the spaces they inhabit. This project with Muktangan Lovegrove primary school children, who live in the Mariamma Nagar settlement in Worli-Mumbai uses an architectural design process and local craft to engage children in becoming active citizens, and improve their local urban realm by observing, critically assessing and transforming their learning environments.

The exhibition ‘A Learning Architecture’ has been curated and designed as a participatory process through workshops with the children who are now in 9th Standard. It is an opportunity for them to present their work to the public, including their design drawings, thought processes, photographs and built interventions for the settlement.


The Opening and Presentation by students on April 22, 2017 is by invitation only. RSVP: info@g5a.org

The Presentation will be held in the Black Box from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM


The Seminar

April 26 | 4:30 PM to 7:00 PM | The Study

This seminar aims to disseminate the pedagogic method, to gauge interest among the education, design and NGO communities in Mumbai. Could the proposed pedagogy be adopted and adapted to other learning facilities, in a self-organising and sustaining manner? How could this project be integrated into primary curriculum – could it start in Mumbai, and then further afield?

During the seminar we hope to:

  • Invite the education, design and NGO communities in Mumbai to a presentation of the project by Nicola Antaki at the G5A Black Box
  • Share insights on how design drawing and craft can inform primary school pedagogy
  • Participate in a workshop around discussion of potential implementation of the method in a variety of learning typologies and feedback on the method
  • Create a database of interested parties to build a collective for reiterations of the project, with whom a toolkit can be shared at a later date
  • Discuss the various way the method could be disseminated through various appropriate communication methods



Artist Details:

Nicola Antaki studied Architecture at Oxford Brookes University and The Royal College of Art. After graduating from the RCA, she worked for a number of years at Cottrell and Vermeulen Architecture, designing sustainable schools and nurseries, where she completed her part 3 ARB/RIBA professional certificate, at the Bartlett School of Architecture.

Subsequently she has been working independently on a design-led research project in Mumbai, India since February 2011, looking at how architecture can be a third teacher and developing a critical pedagogical participatory design process that includes school children in the improvement of their learning environment. The focus of this project is on learning environments for children who are from low-income backgrounds or live in informal settlements and attend municipal schools.

She started a PhD on the subject in 2012 between The Bartlett School of Architecture and the Development Planning Unit at UCL. She is part of an urban farming initiative Fresh & Local based in Mumbai, that works to create places for communities to grow their own food organically and improve health through gardens in the city.


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