Projects | Process #01
Curated by: Spade,Tranceforme Designs & G5A Foundation for Contemporary Culture

Projects | Process

A six-part series presented by Spade | Tranceforme Designs | G5A Foundation for Contemporary Culture

Anything done well must have a story to tell about its making, a process that allowed for it to evolve and realize itself into its final form; be it a musical composition, a painting, or simply the making of a delectable meal. We usually experience and admire the end product and most often remain oblivious to the painstaking, often devotional journey of its making; its process from concept to completion; the rigor and passion that it must so relentlessly involve.


This makes for significant archival material and if shared as stories are critical to: learn from, aspire to and bring hope and reassurance, especially in a world that increasingly looks to instant results and instant gratification.


G5A, Tranceforme Designs and Spade bring you a series of six presentations (2016-2017) that delve into the significance of process and its relevance to project-making in contemporary India: "Projects | Process".

The first in the series, Projects | Process: #01 brings together an evening of 3 presentations by an architect, artist, and, a duo of filmmakers.


Architect: Zameer Basrai and team

Will share their work in two villages in Bandra, Mumbai. Their ongoing project deals with the idea of heritage architecture vis a vis its current economic viability for its inhabitants, and how it may be restored with interventions that actually help sustain and rationalize its existence.


Artist: Dhruvi Acharya

Dhruvi Acharya's paintings stem from her drawing practice, which she describes as a daily journal where she chronicles her thoughts, emotions, and experiences. Inspired by Indian miniatures, comic books, and life, Acharya's work is psychologically complex and visually layered, often accented with dark humour.


Filmmakers: Avijit Mukul Kishore and Rohan Shivkumar

This team of Rohan (professor of architecture and someone who has spent a substantial part of his life studying film critically), and Avijit (celebrated documentary filmmaker), partner to make a documentary for the Films Division of India. Their film, "Nostalgia in the Future" goes back in time, and looks at modernist architecture in India, to unravel its many myths and meanings and its lingering effects on contemporary architecture in the country.


Session moderated by Anuradha Parikh, Architect and Filmmaker.


And for those interested in continuing the conversation or simply soaking in the night air with colleagues and friends, Radhika Khanna of Lotus Blossom will be setting up a reasonably priced pop-up of ‘Street Food from Thailand’ at the G5A Terrace.


Timings: 6:00 pm registration | 6:30 pm program | 8:30 pm pop up dinner

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Purvi Parikh (Tranceforme Designs)

Samira Rathod (SPADE)

Anuradha Parikh (G5A)



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