Expanding Kitchens: Book Launch, Exhibit & Conversation
Curated by: G5A in association with Tara Books
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Food and space have both been at the crux of our evolution.

Culture has seeped into food, changing its components, process, and consumption. Simultaneously the idea of private spaces and functional association to spaces has also changed. Each space was designed to accommodate and over time dictate its usage. The more extravagant an activity became, space began accommodating all its needs.


A catalyst to this evolution, and also its representative, is the intersection of food, space, and culture – the kitchen. Keeping this connection in mind, Japanese architect and designer, Nao Saito, set out to explore a colourful variety of kitchens in Tamil Nadu, and what emerged is “Travels Through South Indian Kitchens” - equal parts cookbook, memoir, coffee table book, travelogue, architectural inquiry, and meditation on multiculturalism. In this richly perceptive book, Nao brings together floor plans, sketches, photographs, impressions, recipes and conversation.


In an equally perceptive exploration of this book, G5A & Tara Books present “Expanding Kitchens” on March 03, 2018, a day-long exhibit, book release, and conversation, that re-interprets the kitchen and allows it to emerge as more than just a domestic space – a way of living and relating to the world.


Expanding Kitchen | Exhibit

According to Nao, the kitchen is one of the most familiar yet a place of ‘No Idea’. It always indicates what it will be used for and yet the manner in which a kitchen is used differs across cultures. In this Exhibit at the G5A Black Box, we will present alongside Nao’s blueprints and photographs from her travel, photo-stories & recipes submitted by audiences and curated by G5A. These will be personal experiences, memories and nostalgia, heritage recipes and more, and will reflect the diversity of its meanings and the universality of its relevance.


Expanding Kitchen | Conversation & Book Release

Interior designer Radhika Desai, scientist & fiction writer Indira Chandrasekhar, chef Sandeep Sreedharan will join Nao Saito, in a conversation which will explore and respond to the diverse themes of the book, sharing experiences & interpretations formed from their own practice. 

It will be moderated by founder, architect, and artistic director of G5A, Anuradha Parikh. The conversation would explore how engaging with a region and culture through its kitchens is different than engaging through its monuments and streets, the understanding of kitchen as a space, and the stories of Nao’s encounters and interactions.


The evening seeks to enable a dialogue and will encourage audiences, who are professionals or those with ardent interest in the fields of architecture, food, writing, travel, anthropology, and sociology to participate in this discussion.


The book will be on sale all day courtesy Trilogy by The Eternal Library


Entry free and open to all. Please RSVP here https://goo.gl/YLHovr or email at info@g5a.org. 

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